KUDOS! Congrats! & WAY TO GO!

Leadership Award:
 Davina Johnson
Leadership Award:
 Bea McLeod

 Elementary School Counselor of the Year:
 Elizabeth Beatley
 Middle/Jr. High School Counselor of the Year:
 Brooke Samuelson
 Secondary School Counselor of the Year:
 Deborah Wolin
 Supervisor of the Year:
 Marcy Miller-Kneale
 Counselor Educator of the Year:
 Dr. Michelle Garafalo
2013  Graduate Student Awards
 College of William and Mary:
 Rene Steinmetz
 George Mason University:
 Richard Hang
 George Washington University (DC):
 Laura Molina
 George Washington University (VA):
 Davis Schlemmer
 James Madison University:
 Victoria Bice
 Lynchburg College:
 Michelle Dillon
 Marymount University:
 Emily Baldwin
 Norfolk State University:
 Whitney Pratt
 Old Dominion University (Norfolk):
Megan Graman
 Old Dominion University (Martinsville):
 Nicole Wampler
 Regent University:
 Roxanna Zook
 University of Virginia:
 Allie Grace
Virginia Commonwealth University:
 Lauren Holcomb
 Virginia Tech (Blacksburg)
 Megan Reeve
 Virginia Tech (NoVA)
 Leigh Ashurst

Congratulations to our winners/members. We also know that there are school counselors being recognized and doing great things across the state, let us all celebrate these accomplishments with you! If you know a fellow school counselor who has been recognized with an award or accomplishment contact the Professional Recognition team. Contact: vscaawards1@gmail.com.

Human Rights and Social Justice Focus

Ensure that the actions of the Association are to benefit all members; to support and work with children who may be under-served in the schools; to identify an organization or association who supports those needs of children and their families; to provide tools, resources, and strategies to school counselors to ensure equal education for all students.

Past Focus Groups:
 2012 Camp Cope
 2011  English Language Learners: Liberty's promise
 2010  Students who are experiencing Homelessness: For Kids
 2009  Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender: Gay, Lesbian & Straight Network (GLSEN)
 2008  Children who are living in poverty and abuse: Children's Defense Fund